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Hauling Services in Lexington, SC

Many construction projects around South Carolina require materials to be hauled from one location to another. When you're building a yard, playground, or establishing a landscape around a business, you need gravel, sand, soil, and other materials—and a lot of it. Starnes Clearing and Grading provides hauling services so you don't have to stress about renting a dump truck and driving it to your project site. Our professionally trained drivers handle the transportation and dumping of materials for you.

What We Haul

Our hauling services may be appropriate for a variety of projects, including flower beds, sand boxes, playgrounds, sports fields, driveways, berms, and more. Our fleet of dump trucks is poised and ready for hauling: top soil, mulch, sand, gravel, clay, field dirt, sand clay, and other materials.

Are you looking to have material hauled away as opposed to brought to you? We may also be able to help with that. Just ask.

Why Use Starnes?

When you hire us for a hauling job, you're dealing directly with the dump truck fleet. We don't hire out to third party contractors; we take care of the job ourselves using our dump trucks. Our operators do the driving and dumping. We'll work closely with you to make sure the materials get where they are supposed to go and are dumped right where you want them. We can also help with excavation and lot clearing so there is ample room for dumping. Our business is fully licensed and insured, and our operators are properly trained to do their jobs to your satisfaction.

We'll Bring or Take Your Materials for You

Here at Starnes Clearing and Grading, we take pride in the work we do. Whether you need materials hauled to a site for your next construction project or you need something hauled away, our fleet of dump trucks can probably help you out. To hire our hauling services or find out more about lot/land clearing in Lexington, SC, call us at 803) 730-2641.

Other Services

We offer a variety of services for commercial or residential projects.

  • Lot/Land Clearing
  • Back Hoe Work
  • Track Hoe Work
  • Hauling: Top Soil, Mulch, etc.
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